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Quarantine Time Machine

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Alongside our community partner, Kaiser Permanente, DRAA is proud to have commissioned another important project by DLUX Puppets. The COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine have had a tremendous impact on the mental health and wellness of our youth. The Quarantine Time Machine is a free digital video series accompanied by curriculum, activities, and mental health expert advice to serve this very timely need for children. Join Cory and Tina as they travel with their grandfather back in time in the Quarantine Time Machine!

Available now at www.quarantinetimemachine.com

three puppets, orange, blue, and purple appearing mid-dance

Arts Access School Time Program

DRAA is especially proud of our education and outreach programs. Since 2008, these programs have offered more than 50,000 East Bay students, teachers, and chaperones the opportunity to experience high-quality live performances and visual arts exhibits. Our Arts Access School Time Program offers funds for Title 1 schools, making arts programs accessible to students who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity. Working closely with our corporate, foundation, and individual partners, we are able to make these opportunities possible. Our Education & Outreach programs are designed to offer access to as many students as possible, including a variety of schools with diverse economic backgrounds. No more than one performance or art gallery tour will be funded per class each school year.

Questions? Reach out! ArtsAccess@draa.org

The arts can transform lives. With their natural curiosity and imagination, children are open to new ways of seeing the world. However, not all students in the East Bay come from families or attend schools that have the resources to bring them to see a live play, dance performance, or visual arts exhibit at the Lesher Center. DRAA’s Arts Access School Time Program is a unique answer to this problem. The only program of its kind in the East Bay, Arts Access has made it possible for more than 60,000 students from underserved schools in Contra Costa County to attend professional, high-quality performances and exhibits at the Lesher Center. In many cases, this is the first time these students have been able to see a live performance or a visual arts exhibition.

To complement school time programming, DRAA works with an educational specialist to develop performance activity kits specific to school shows so that teachers can use them as valuable in-class learning opportunities before and after their students come to the Lesher Center. Study Guides support California Common Core Standards, and they include a Theatre Etiquette Guide as well as comprehensive information about the production, discussion questions, and activities to help teachers prepare students for what they will see and reflect on what they have experienced.

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