Transportation Funding




Buses are in high demand and low in inventory.

Transportation funding is one of our biggest program expenditures, especially when private transportation companies need to be used by districts that either do not have their own bus fleet or have no buses available for your performance date. We are a non-profit organization, and our Arts Access program’s main focus is to provide funding to as many students as possible who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to experience a high-quality live theatre performance or professional art exhibits.

When arranging your transportation, please keep in mind that we can only reimburse your school or district for the costs related to the Arts Access field trip:

  1. All arrangements for transportation will be coordinated by the school or teacher – Transportation arrangements cannot be made by DRAA. PLEASE USE DISTRICT TRANSPORTATION if possible. If private transportation is necessary, the school is responsible for the selection of a bus company based upon school district requirements. The DRAA and its representatives are not liable for any of these decisions or outcomes.
  2. Commute time to and from your school – arrival time should be 20-30 minutes prior to performance start time – please carefully check the confirmation you receive to verify start time.
  3. Transportation funding is only for total confirmed number of attendees.
  4. Extra expenses for side trips either before or after the performance cannot be reimbursed.
  5. Excess bus size or non-essential extra buses for your group cannot be reimbursed – be sure and reserve as soon as you are confirmed for best selection and utilize only the size and quantity of buses needed for your group.



NEW: Each district has an approved list of transportation providers and this has been greatly expanded beyond Michael’s and First Student. If you need private transportation for any reason, please call Michael’s first and use code “DRAA”. If district buses are not available, please follow these guidelines to arrange private transportation:

  •  All private transportation arrangements must be approved and completed at least 30 days in advance of the performance date. Send your transportation contract/quote to us for approval as soon as possible. We will respond with an email confirmation. If your pick-up time will be 8:45am or later, call MICHAEL’S at 707-643-2099. If Michael’s is not available, or your pick up time is earlier than 8:45, feel free to reserve with a different company.
  • Cancellation fees imposed by the transportation company will NOT be paid by the DRAA, so be sure to read and understand the trip cancellation policy.
  • SPECIAL NOTE: Each school is responsible for full payment to the bus service provider unless special arrangements have been made in advance. Contact Jody Cook with any special payment needs: or 650-563-4118.
  • Reimbursements will be issued when all requirements have been met according to the guidelines listed below. Online program evaluation after performance will still be required even if payment is made in advance.



  1. Using district guidelines, contact private bus company to request a quote or reserve a bus.
  2. Destination info: Lesher Center for the Arts, 1601 Civic Drive, Walnut Creek CA 94596
  3. Contact Name and Phone: This is the teacher/administrator arranging transportation details. This info must be included somewhere on the reservation/quote.
  4. Email or fax (FAX 925-891-9161) your bus quote or reservation to DRAA for approval: or call 650-563-4118



Reimbursements will be administered in the form of a check after the event. Each school is responsible for full payment to the bus service provider unless special arrangement were made in advance. Transportation Reimbursements checks can only be made payable to schools or PTAs, not individuals.



Following the performance, complete the following two steps:

  • Each teacher who attended the performance must complete our NEW online evaluation form. This link will be emailed to all participating teachers within two weeks after your performance date.
  • Fax, mail or email a copy of bus payment receipt/invoice from your district or private bus company with trip and attendee detail. Be sure to include “Pay To” information and address where it is to be mailed. If you are in a district that bills us directly, you can skip this step.

It is your responsibility to contact the Diablo Regional Arts Association staff if you have questions about reimbursement or pre-payment arrangements. There will be no retroactive or cumulative payments made.

No forms accepted after June 30, 2019.


 For questions regarding application, transportation, or reimbursement call or email:

Jody Cook, Program Director


Direct: 650-563-4118