Arts Access School Time Program

The arts can transform lives, especially those of children. With their natural curiosity and imagination, children are open to new ways of seeing the world. However, not all students in the East Bay come from families or schools that have the resources to bring them to see a play, dance performance, or visual arts exhibit at the Lesher Center for the Arts.

Diablo Regional Arts Association’s Arts Access School Time Program is a unique answer to this problem. Arts Access has a track record of success.  The program has helped more than 12,000 students from underserved schools in Contra Costa County attend professional, high-quality performances and exhibits at the Lesher Center. In many cases, this is the first time these students have been able to see a live performance or a visual arts exhibition.

DRAA is grateful to generous individual and business donors who help us fund the Arts Access School Time Program. These donations allow us to provide free tickets and transportation to students. We provide funding based on the percentage of students in a school eligible to receive free or reduced-cost lunches. Out of the schools we serve, 85% have 60% or more of their students on the free or reduced-cost lunch program. We have been particularly successful at serving children from Concord’s Monument Corridor neighborhood, one of the most under-resourced, and culturally diverse areas of the Bay Area.

arithmetickles_kids1We also provide customized study guides to teachers that allows them to tie their students’ experience at the Lesher Center with what they are learning in school. This guide meets the California Department of Education’s Contents Standards and offers suggestions for in-class discussions and projects that can take place before and after students visit the Lesher Center.

For interested teachers and schools, a schedule of school show performances and exhibits, along with an easily accessible, user-friendly application can be accessed on our website. Please carefully read all information before submitting your application.