DRAA Trustees are appointed by the Board of Directors in recognition of their outstanding commitment to the DRAA and the Lesher Center. They serve as invaluable ambassadors to enhance DRAA’s work. This group of highly engaged leaders in the East Bay business and the community sectors volunteer endless hours, donate generously to the DRAA themselves, serve actively on Board Committees, participate in fundraising and use their extensive professional and community networks to raise the profiles of the DRAA and Lesher Center’s programs in the East Bay and beyond.

Please contact if you or someone you know is interested in becoming a member of our Trustees Committee.

Meet Our Trustees:

Beverly Anderson

Tim Argenti

Bill Armstrong

Hon. Catharine B. Baker

Patti Barsotti

Jody Benkly

Gil Berkeley

Bob Brown

Gene Campion

Tracy Dietlein

Laurie Fox

Hunter Gilliam

Ira Hillyer

Sally Ingraham

Bev Loder


Reimund Maks

Celia Mason

Kevin McNulty

Tom Melohn

David Moore

Gail Murray

Carol O’Neill

Chris Seely

Ranjit Sufi

Tracy Teale

Howard Thomas

LaVergne Thomas

Bonnie Waters

Marilyn Weiss